Tuesday November 10, 2015 at the Regular Meeting of Rose Hill Lodge #484 the local chapter of DeMolay will present the "Flower Talk" as our program.  This ceremony has long been considered to be one of the best messages DeMolay has and it has had a captivating influence on mothers.  Please bring the ladies and the young people you feel would appreciate this beautiful lecture.  Dinner is at 6 pm ($5 meal donation per attendee appreciated) and the program will follow as soon as we open at 7 pm.  Please RSVP to our Senior Warden, Phil Harris by email at peharrissr@yahoo.com and let him know how many guests you will bring.
And, don't forget about our fundraiser coming up!

About the "Rose Hill Masons" Group on Facebook

To get your message out in an instant, we at Rose Hill Lodge #484 have a Facebook "Group" page, "Rose Hill Masons".  It's to be viewed by Masonic brothers who, as well, should be in other 4th District Lodges, with the goal of bringing our district's Masons closer together, especially in our area.  No sensitive information is permitted, and if you see any, please report it.  We also ask that anyone applying for acceptance should not only state your name, but offer your Lodge name and number (again, within our district, please), and a little information about yourself such as any office you may hold or are appointed.  Again, those who are not District Four Masons should not apply.

The list is designed to make it easier for Brothers to communicate with each other within the Lodge, with other Brothers outside of the Lodge, and it's hoped to be a more effective way of "talking" back and forth.  For instance, the brothers at Columbus' Midland Lodge and Mt. Hermon Lodge post their fundraising activities on our FB site, as do we, because they have joined the Rose Hill Mason Facebook listing.  Those who are members of this list should receive an e-mail with each post made unless they have turned off that option.  If they have, there's really not much reason for them to even be on the list.  It's meant as a way of staying in touch with each other, within Lodge #484, and other Lodges.

Those who are not actual Masons, (wives, children, OES, etc.)  Please refrain from those who are not actual Masons posting frivolous "cutsie" pics, so that we can continue to relate our business at the Lodge, and other Lodges.  Although it under "Facebook", it's generally for Rose Hill Masonic business.  Again, please do not post extra-ciricular articles and pics.

Wives and others in the family should not put their personal agenda information on Rose Hill Masons.  such as pictures that you might find interesting.  This site is not for that.  As an example, if we put one of our fundraisers on the Facebook group, it makes us have to keep posting it to get the attention we need for the event.  Thanks for your cooperation on that.

As a member of this group, you may contribute with Masonic-related items of interest, unless they are items that should not be shared with the public.  Also, we ask that you don't compete, Masons or otherwise on this list, with fundraisers that are held at the same time and/or with similar projects within a week of Rose Hill's events, unless it's a joint effort.  This site was made to get our message out on items that benefit Rose Hill Lodge.

It's a somewhat effective way to communicate, so please, if qualified, join up to make it even more effective.  As examples, you may communicate concerning non-secretive activities, ceremonies, practice sessions, events, fundraisers, news, announcements, prayer list items, deaths... you name it.

If you're already on Facebook and are a 4th District Mason, and would like to join the group "Rose Hill Masons", find it in your Facebook search and apply from there.
You may also check items on this web site for upcoming events of our Lodge in the "News-Events" section by clicking on the front page link.  Also eligible to use our event/news postings on this site are the local Shriners, Demolay, and Rainbow.  Only local please.
Submitting announcements on this web page is easy (not to be confused with the Facebook group).  If you're a member of Rose Hill Lodge #484, and have something Masonic that you want to let your Brothers know about, write to contact@rosehillmasons.org.  If submitting a "flyer", please send it in the JPEG format or .png or .PNG format.

The Webmaster only makes sure that this site is operational, and does not gather information, or do "reporting" while at Communications.  When submitting your request to the Webmaster please write the details, or e-mail them to the e-mail address listed in the above paragraph.  It MUST be written.

Rose Hill Lodge members, keep in mind that YOU are the reporter, the informant, and the newsman.  I am the Webmaster.  Thanks!

Click here to send an e-mail, or use the